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UV Superstore, Inc. is your source for American made, high quality replacement lamps without the cost that can be associated with some brand names. We offer a wide variety of germicidal and total organic carbon (TOC) reduction ultraviolet lamps including standard output, high output (HO), and amalgam technologies. Our ultraviolet lamps are offered with many different base type connections and lengths to fit a wide array of ultraviolet water treatment systems.

Ultraviolet lamps are primarily manufactured by specialty lamp manufacturers and not by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). UV Superstore’s ultraviolet lamps are also fabricated by specialty lamp manufacturers to the highest quality industry standard – meeting or exceeding OEM specifications. These premium quality replacement lamps undergo a 100% quality control inspection before being sold to any customer. Since we do not sell inferior quality imported lamps, purchasing from us provides you with the assurance of receiving premium quality USA made lamps.

UV Superstore, Inc. offers the availability of a private label etch on ultraviolet lamps. However, not all lamps are eligible for private labeling and there is a minimum quantity of 120 lamps per part number. Required lead time is 8-16 weeks for fabrication. Please contact UV Superstore for details.

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