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EagleUV® Series Water Treatment System

The EagleUV® Series Water Treatment System processes up to 170 GPM for clear fresh water. Flow rates are based on 95% UVT for clear fresh water and EOL dosage of 30 mJ/cm². The EagleUV® Series Water Treatment System has up to four lamp systems in either standard output or high output. These systems provide disinfection for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Prior experience and a commitment to sound engineering principles is the key to our success. Contact our knowledgeable sales team with your specific requirements and let us size the appropriate system for your application.

Standard Features (All Models):

  • 304 Stainless Steel Treatment Chamber
  • 150 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure
  • 2″ or 3″ NPT Inlet/Outlet Connection
  • Powder Coated Power Enclosure
  • Visual View Port
  • Elapsed Running Time Meter
  • LED UV Lamp Status Indicators
  • 254NM Standard and High Output UV Lamp with 10,000 hour lamp life
  • Manual Quartz Sleeve Wiper System
  • Vertical Mounting
  • Electronic Power Supply
  • 120V 60Hz

Available Options (All Models):

  • Ultraviolet Monitor with 0-100% UV Intensity Display
  • High Heat Shutoff
  • 220V / 240V 50-60HZ

EagleUV® Series Product Specifications

Treatment:         Disinfection

Application:       Commercial and Industrial

Flow Rates*:       up to 170 GPM

*Flow rates based on UV dosage of 30 mJ/cm² at 95% UVT for clear fresh water. For complete product details click on links in below tables.

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EagleUV® Water Disinfection UV Systems

Model No.Max Capacity GPM
Clear Fresh Water
UV Dosage
Lamp TypeNo. of
UV Lamps
ManualParts Breakdown
EG1-S1930Standard Output12" NPTDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
EG1-HO3530High Output12" NPTDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
EG2-HO6030High Output22" NPTDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
EG3-S8030Standard Output32" NPTDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
EG3-HO13530High Output33" NPTDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
EG4-S10030Standard Output42" NPTDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
EG4-HO17030High Output43" NPTDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload

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