Storage Tank Air Purification System

UV Air Disinfection

System Overview

UV Superstore's Storage Tank Air Purification System is designed to filter and disinfect air for the ventilation of storage vessels. The Storage Tank Air Purification Systems are used for the storage of many liquid products such as water, sugar and syrup. Vented storage vessels allow air to fill the cavity where there is no product. As the vessel is filled or drawn down, air is moved in and out of the vessel. This air, if not filtered and disinfected, will bring contaminates into the product and possibly cause spoilage.

The Storage Tank Air Ventilation System provides air to the vessel using an internal blower for continuous fresh air circulation. This air is filtered to remove dust and other airborne particles down to 0.3 micron size. Additionally, the air is disinfected with germicidal ultraviolet light to provide a 99.9% reduction in living organisms.

How it works

The Storage Tank Air Purification System can be mounted directly on top of a storage vessel or along side through piping; the ventilation air purification system filters and disinfects the air stream of a storage vessel. The Storage Tank Air Ventilation System is provided with an internal blower that draws air through two electrostatic pre-filters and a high efficiency (HEPA) filter. Before entering the vessel, the air passes through an ultraviolet light disinfection chamber. The air travels out of the disinfection chamber into the vessel and circulates before being released through a separate filtered vent.

The circulation of air helps prevent condensation from forming on the interior surfaces of the liquid storage vessel. Without the Ventilation Tank Air Purification System, condensation could form and drop into the product, thereby providing an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.


Commercial / Industrial


  • NPT or Sanitary inlet and outlet connections
  • Vent box and blower box
  • Uses Electrostatic filter and HEPA filter
  • 120V / 60hz


  • 3″ or 4″ tri-clamp sanitary or NPT connection
  • 220V / 50hz

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