UV System Retrofit Solutions

UV Superstore offers solutions for you to upgrade your existing ultraviolet treatment system without the cost associated with re-piping and replacing with an entirely new system. Provided that your chamber is in good condition, our retrofit kit may supply you with the option to update your system to current technology. Depending on the type of system you have, solutions to fit your needs will vary.

We provide retrofit solutions for Aquafine’s CSL and RBE Series, R-Can / Sterilight SUV Series, Wedeco’s CHI-HF Series, Ideal Horizons IH Industrial Series and LCI and CI Commercial Series, and various Ultra-Dynamics (UDC) systems, to name a few.

For a better idea of what is involved in a retrofit kit, visit our web page for a common Aquafine CSL Retrofit Kit Solution

There are many things to consider when determining if your current setup has retrofit options available.  With that said, it is best to have one of our experts help you to determine the right choice to fit your needs.  Contact us now!

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