Quartz Sleeves

UV Superstore, Inc. provides premium quality Made in the USA replacement quartz sleeves and does not sell inferior quality imported quartz.  We offer a wide variety of quartz sleeves which are used in conjunction with ultraviolet lamps in water disinfection units, and other specialized equipment. Quartz sleeves offer protection from water flow, temperature fluctuation, breakage and environmental hazards.

UV Superstore’s line of quartz sleeves are fabricated to the highest quality industry standard specifications by specialty premium lamp manufacturers.  UV Superstore, Inc. insists on 100% quality control inspection with each quartz sleeve to ensure only the highest quality product to our customers.

Our quartz sleeves have a fire polished finish and are available in a wide array of diameters, wall thickness and standard lengths ranging from 200mm to 1626mm; longer and shorter custom lengths are available upon request.  Quartz sleeves are available either open ended or domed.

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