What you need to know when Purchasing Ultraviolet Lamps and Quartz Sleeves

This page will provide you with helpful information on replacing the UV lamps and Quartz Sleeves in your Ultraviolet treatment system and will detail the difference in the brand names, prices and

Ultraviolet Lamps and Quartz Sleeves

Most all of the ultraviolet germicidal lamps and quartz sleeves utilized in the market place are manufactured by specialty lamp manufacturers, and not by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In the industry, these ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves are considered to be of premium quality. The ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves are fabricated to high quality industry standard specifications to meet exacting UV output requirements.  Ultraviolet lamps are then typically private labeled with the OEM’s brand name for their specific ultraviolet system, and in many instances will be fabricated with special lamp bases to fit only that OEM’s equipment.

Many times, ultraviolet lamps without the base are the same as what most other OEM’s use.  The lamp changes when the various base designs are installed, and in many cases are outfitted with a special design lamp base for a specific type of OEM’s ultraviolet system. This has been a common practice for many years in the ultraviolet industry and can provide the OEM an increase in how many spares they provide for future replacement lamps for their systems.

One note of caution is that there are also inferior ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves being sold in the market place. Most of the time, these ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves will look similar to the premium quality lamps and sleeves, however there are many differences. The main differences are from a lower quality fabrication process and low quality materials utilized for fabrication of the ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves. These inferior lamps can have a much faster decrease of ultraviolet intensity and/or burn-out (fail) faster than a premium quality lamp. Most all ultraviolet lamps will perform similarly during the first 100 hours or so of operation. It is after that initial lamp burn-in time when the premium quality lamps will provide their value in both UV output performance and longevity of the lamp life.

Most all OEM’s provide premium quality ultraviolet lamps with their new system(s). There is one easy explanation, the ultraviolet equipment performs better, there are less warranty issues, and the cost of the premium quality lamps and quartz sleeves are not a significant amount over inferior ultraviolet lamps. When the time comes to replace your ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves it is not necessary to use the original ultraviolet equipment manufacturer’s brand name. This is where UV Superstore, Inc. can provide you with premium quality ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves for all your ultraviolet systems.


Premium Quality lamps are specified with the following criteria:

  • High UV output lamp envelope material utilized in fabrication
  • UV resistant Base type, material and connection
  • Total watts of UV output
  • Guaranteed life in hours
  • 100% quality control inspection

The facts about UV lamps are:

  • Most ultraviolet OEM’s promote their brand-name lamps at higher prices suggesting the quality is associated with their name and the higher price.
  • Many water treatment vendors purchase from the OEM and then add their mark up to the cost of the lamps to cover their profit.

With the above in mind, purchasing ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves for any specific ultraviolet system(s) the price of the lamps and quartz sleeves can vary greatly without any significant difference in the quality and performance. UV Superstore, Inc. is your source when purchasing premium quality ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves without paying the high cost that can be associated with some specific brand names.

UV Superstore’s line of ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves are fabricated by the same specialty premium lamp manufacturers that are utilized by many ultraviolet OEM suppliers. Purchasing UV Superstore’s ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves provides you with the assurance that our products are of the same quality specifications, UV life and intensity as required by the OEM. At UV Superstore, Inc. we insist on 100% quality control inspection with each ultraviolet lamp and quartz sleeve to ensure only the highest quality products to our customers.

UV Superstore specializes in providing replacement parts, spare components, and consumables for most all ultraviolet systems that are manufactured by various manufacturers, including their current designs, as well as, obsolete designs. All components are selected and designed to be direct replacements with the highest quality and exacting specification for trouble free installation and operation.


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