UV Lamps

Made in the USA… Tested & Proven! Replacement Ultraviolet (UVC) lamps for germicidal treatment and total organic carbon removal – including standard output, high output (HO), and amalgam technologies.

Quartz Sleeves

Keeping your lamps protected!  Quality, American made type 214 fused open ended or domed replacement quartz sleeves available in various lengths and diameters.

Replacement Parts for UV Water & Air Systems

From Aquafine to Zed…UV Superstore offers an array of replacement parts for ultraviolet water and air treatment systems including current models and obsolete designs.

Residential UV Systems

No need to worry about your household water quality…Our residential water treatment systems will give you peace of mind. These systems are economical and require very little maintenance.

Commercial / Industrial UV Systems

Wide selection of innovative ultraviolet water treatment systems! UV technology for disinfection, ozone destruction and TOC reduction has been used in commercial and industrial applications for over 50 years.

Municipal UV Systems

Go Green! Ultraviolet light for wastewater disinfection is the environmentally-friendly alternative to chlorine disinfection. Our experienced sales team will meet your specific requirements and assist with your conversion.

Storage Tank Air Purification System

Don't let your profits get tanked…By using this system, the air is disinfected with germicidal ultraviolet light providing a 99.9% reduction in living organisms.

Used and Reconditioned UV Systems

The choice is yours…Not only do we sell used and reconditioned ultraviolet systems; we can rebuild your UV system to near new quality.

UV System Retrofit Solutions

Thinking of upgrading your UV system…Save time and money with our retrofit kit solutions for several OEM UV systems.

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