G64-7990W Replacement UV Lamp 185NM High Output

G64-7990W JPS 4 Pin Barrier Lamp
G64-7990W JPS 4 Pin Barrier Base

See below details for the G64-7990W Replacement UV Lamp 185NM High Output.

UV Superstore’s lines of replacement germicidal ultraviolet lamps are manufactured in the USA with pure quartz tubing designed to meet or exceed industry standards. We insist on 100% quality control inspection with each ultraviolet lamp to ensure only the best products to our customers.

Our Part #:  G64-7990W
Length:  61.18" or 1554 mm ± 3mm (not including pins)
Base Type:  4 Pin Barrier Base
Lamp Type:  High Output
Wavelength:  185NM
Glass Type:  VH (Ozone)
Base Color / Material:  White Ceramic Base
Bulb Diameter:  15mm
Lamp Voltage*:  170V
Lamp Wattage*:  130W
Operating Current*:  800mA
Rated Life (hrs)**:  12000

*Operating Current, voltage, wattage disclaimer — Lamps are measured after 100 hours of operation under lab conditions. These values are subject to wide variations under application/field conditions.

**Rated Life — Rated life is based on a group of lamps operating under lab conditions and is for reference purposes only. Actual life depends on the operating conditions of the lamp. Please follow the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) suggested UV lamp change out schedule to ensure optimal performance.


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