GL212-4 Replacement UV Lamp 254NM

Our Part #:  GL212/4
Length:  8.35" or 212 mm ± 3mm (not including pins)
Base Type:  4 Pin Flat Base
Lamp Type:  Standard Output
Wavelength:  254NM
Glass Type:  L (Non-Ozone)
Base Color / Material:  White Ceramic Base
Bulb Diameter:  15mm
Lamp Voltage*:  32V
Lamp Wattage*:  10W
Operating Current*:  380mA
Rated Life (hrs)**:  9000

*Operating Current, voltage, wattage disclaimer — Lamps are measured after 100 hours of operation under lab conditions. These values are subject to wide variations under application/field conditions.

**Rated Life — Rated life is for reference purposes only and is based on a group of lamps operating under lab conditions. Actual life depends on the operating conditions of the lamp.