Using Ultraviolet (UV) for Well Water Disinfection

Ultraviolet light, which is a natural component of sunlight, is well worth considering over other water disinfection methods for residential wells. A major benefit is that the UV disinfection process is chemical-free; there are no additives, byproducts, odors or bad taste left in the water – therefore, there is no risk of over-treatment, virtually no maintenance or balance adjustments to watch and maintain, making UV treated well water more safe to drink than water treated using other methods. Chemicals like chlorine can be potentially harmful if not used properly and overtreatment with chemicals can have adverse effects on health and even plumbing and water system components.

Although UV is an effective and appropriate water disinfection treatment process for most residential wells, it is not the right solution for every application, such as wells with high tannin levels or hard water.

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